Public Joint Stock Company «Odessa Production Association «Holodmash»

Public Joint Stock Company «Odessa Production Association «Holodmash» for many years specialized in the design, manufacture and mounting of refrigeration equipment and systems for mine air conditioning, now — the only Ukrainian manufacturer of refrigeration equipment to create comfortable conditions in the deep mine workings susceptible to firedamp , dust and sudden outbursts.

A series of mobile air conditioners type K-feldspar mine with explosion-proof electrical equipment is designed to cool and dehumidify the air supplied to the airing of rock faces and development workings in deep longwall mines.

Chillers for cooling air 130 K-feldspar cooling capacity of 130 kW delivered and used in many coal mines in Ukraine and CIS.

PJSC OPA «Holodmash» developed and put into production a new sample of 300 K-feldspar conditioner based on the vapor compression chiller, water-cooled condenser for mines whose need for cold reaches 300 kW.

New development PJSC OPA «Holodmash» — modern water cooling chiller MHRV-1 to 1000 kW cooling capacity is designed to provide an «ice» water underground air-conditioning systems in mines susceptible to firedamp, dust and sudden outbursts.

On the basis of the machine MHRV-1 created a set of equipment, including coolers type OKVSH for cooling circulating water.